Mindful Helpdesk

Helping you to find, within yourself, the mindfulness to navigate the path of your life’s journey.


Hello! My name is Craig Cohen. For nearly 30 years I’ve worked as a Technology Trainer and Helpdesk Technician. I’ve offered instruction, support, and help to find technology-based solutions. Oftentimes, the training or the solution wasn’t tech-based, but confidence-oriented. Instead, I’d be reminding others that they already had the ability within themselves to complete a task, learn a new application, or prepare for an exam. There were moments when I felt more like a bartender or a life coach. I found myself coaching and convincing others that they had what it takes to achieve their goals.

As a manager, I’d ask my staff to apply the same principles of work achievements to personal aspirations. I would emphasize to them that they could apply the mindfulness and concentration they did with their job to their personal goals. Similar corporate philosophies such as focus, engagement, vision, and values can make a difference in one’s work life just as much as it can in one’s personal life.


I don’t think of myself as a techie. Rather than being tech savvy, genuine care and compassion have helped me excel in my career and in my life. I’ve often said that the secret to my success was what I felt in my heart, not the knowledge in my brain.

Helping others has always been a passion of mine. I’ve been helping family, friends and co-workers for years. I finally thought, what better way to help than with a helpdesk website. I know, there are plenty of options out there today. What makes mine a little different is the experience I have with helping others by bridging technology training and support with a mindful approach on a personal level.

Going Forward

Unlike many popular websites, I don’t want to flood your inbox with daily or weekly emails. I do encourage you to visit for new information. If you’d like to receive a monthly reminder to check out updates from my website, please submit your email address below. If you have ideas, questions, or suggestions, or if you’d like advice or coaching, please send an email to craig@mindfulhelpdesk.com.

Thank you for your time!

Peace, Love & Gratitude

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