Some Clouds

Some clouds
Can turn sunny skies
Into a sad gray song.
Other clouds
Can make it rain,
Rain mad all day long.
Some folks wish,
Some folks pray,
For some clouds to stay at bay.
Others sing, “Rain, Rain go away.
Come again another day.”
Yet there are those
Who dance on their toes
For what the rain bestows.
Some clouds reflecting
Off in the west,
Can make some sunsets
Look their best.
Some clouds are a noun,
Some clouds are a verb,
When they make a sound,
Some clouds disturb.
Because of some clouds,
We see a rainbow.
Some clouds have memories,
And, some clouds know;
The sun still shines
On the seeds we sow.

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season to be Jolly,
For every girl and boy.
Even if you’re naughty,
And, will not get a toy.

Staying up for Santa Claus,
Waiting until the dawn.
Then, before you know it,
It’s morning and he’s gone!

You never really saw him,
But, you always knew his name.
Will you ever know
If he ever really came?

Pitter-patter on the roof,
You go to take a look.
Tumbling down the chimney,
Shucks! It’s just a crook.

Hoping it was St. Nick,
Then finding out it’s not.
Watching the crook jump,
From the fire, which was hot.

Going back to bed,
Having lost all hope.
Knowing there’s no Santa,
You won’t know how to cope.

Waking later in the morning,
Glancing ‘neath the tree,
Seeing all the presents,
Attacking them with glee.

Although the thought of Santa
Still lingers in your mind,
Even though he didn’t come,
He still was very kind.

Craig Cohen – 12-16-80

Chemo Treatment #6

Photo by Craig

Clear blue skies greeted me early this morning.
A week full of clouds disappeared without warning.
An exhilarating start to a beautiful day.
For my very last chemotherapy treatment, I pray.
I’m ever so Grateful for what the Good Lord provides.
I am so very Thankful for all my life’s carnival rides.
There are certainly ups as there are occasional downs.
Focusing on Positivity reduces the frowns.
I feel so fortunate, so lucky, I feel so very blessed.
I feel I’ve received nothing but the absolute best.
I search deep, within, to find a word that describes,
The incredible feelings, the enthusiastic vibes
That course endlessly through my invigorating veins.
Positive attitude when it’s sunny and accentuate positivity when it rains.
Sometimes I find many words, sometimes just a few.
The most powerful words, I imagine, are simply, “THANK YOU!”
Thank You to my wife! Thank You to my family.
Thank You to my friends…
Thank You for the prayers everyone sends.
For the Love and Support that helped get me through…
With all of my heart,
Thank You!
Thank You!
Craig Cohen — 11-19-20

My Life – Painted by Numbers

Photo by Craig

I am eternally thankful to every family member and friend…
Prayers, Love and Support far exceed any scale; One to Ten!
I look forward to getting out more, maybe sampling fine wines.
To a Restaurant or the Ballet, getting dressed to the Nines.
Returning to work next week feels really great.
Starting my days earlier, right after Eight.
I’ve prayed for many here with us and for those up in heaven.
I’ve prayed for my kidney; creatinine holding at .7!
My cancer required chemotherapy, my treatments numbered Six.
In that time I’ve watched lots of sports and a little Netflix.
And, I’ve seen plenty reminders of what it means to be alive.
Another one today with Chemo Treatment number Five.
I am so very grateful, deep down to my core.
Loving my life and all it stands for …
Doctors and Medicine have always been a part of me.
I’ve been visiting Hospitals since I was younger than Three.
Experiences help us to rewrite our story anew.
Events shape our lives and how we respond, too.
And this experience with cancer has certainly been One.
Sometimes there may be no words. Absolutely None.
Craig Cohen — 10-29-20

Chemo Treatment #4

Photo by Craig

Today is Chemo Treatment #4.
I remain so Optimistic and Grateful evermore.
Positivity I try to accentuate,
Enthusiasm I perpetuate.
Many others successfully articulate
The importance of mood and behavior.
I’m here to say; no, I implore!
While I’m no expert, I’m no mentor,
I’m simply here to narrate
My experiences that may demonstrate;
As I most certainly do advocate,
Positively, practice Gratitude and your spirits, may they soar.
Platitudes, you may find a bore.
Attitudes, you should marvel and adore.
I beg of you don’t hesitate,
You may ponder and negotiate,
After a time, you may capitulate.
Gratitudes, for life’s too valuable anymore …
Craig Cohen — 10-8-20

I Believe

Photo by Craig

I believe …
Many things; some may be crazy.
Memories become less than hazy.
We’re left with a glimmer instead of the glare.
A small glimpse or a splinter of what used to be there.
We receive …
Like an aroma can transport us to a time or a place;
Or a song can return a smile to our face.
… a feeling; some call it Deja Vu
… a reminder; as if some event has already happened for you.
… an acquaintance; whom you’ve just befriended is not really new.
To achieve …
Is it possible our routines are but a metaphor,
Of paths taken, maybe lifetimes before,
Or perhaps of an existence yet to explore?
… our destiny; questions and their answers we seek
… our fate; a daily grind or a challenging week
… our purpose; the reason we’re here, that’s the mystique.
Craig Cohen — 12-24-14

An Unfinished Poem

Photo by Craig

Dictated or even derailed
By decisions made or failed
To make …
Along the path of fate …
Or our Life’s Potential.
We continue moving forward
Unaware, the direction of our eye
I swear! It might just make me cry …
I really don’t even know why.
Suffering because of a lie
That we convinced ourselves;
What was our direction…
Craig Cohen — 10-18-13

Love Is … So Much

Photo by Craig

Love is remembering
Why you work so hard.
Some times, you’re trembling
With pain in your heart,
Your life seems to be crumbling
Everything’s falling apart,
Truths can be humbling
Y’just wanna restart.
Stop all the stumbling
Put the horse ‘fore the cart.
Get back to traveling;
Traveling smart.
Love is reminding
Yourself why you are here
And, how Love should be Binding
To the one you hold dear
Sure, at times it’s grinding
Difficult to get into gear,
When you find yourself minding
Elements outside your sphere.
Regain focus, so that you’re finding
What it is that brings you cheer
The cheer you knew when your love was Blinding.
Remember that first year?
Love is recalling
Recalling what’s important to you.
And, avoiding the brawling
That some couples do.
And, watch out for pit-falling
Into a pile of pooh.
Cause, when you’re bawling,
It’s difficult to view
The Love that you’ve fallen
That you’ve fallen into …
When you might be just crawlin’
And, that’s OK too …
Cause, Love is still haulin’
And it’ll carry you through
Whatever’s befallen
I’ll always love you.
Craig Cohen — 1-11-08

Downtown L.A. – Every Day

Photo by Craig

Downtown L.A. is almost like heaven.
Even on the corner, in front of 7-eleven!
In many different ways on many different levels,  
Many experiences feel so spiritually heavy. 
So many souls on so many paths.
Going so many directions, time going so fast. 
So many people going so many places. 
So many colors on so many faces. 
So many sights, sounds and smells. 
Heavenly lights crash against lowly hells.
Crossing paths with so many… 
Absorbing all, feeling plenty!
Downtown LA is almost like Heaven. 
Others might say it’s like Armageddon. 
Some say that they could live there forever. 
Why I never heard of anyone so clever…
Then there are those who say, “Never say never” …
So close to heaven is downtown L.A. 
Filled with Peace, Love and Laughter every day!
Craig Cohen — 5-3-19

L.A. Weekend

Photo by Craig

Just the normal
L.A. Weekend stuff…
Hiked a few miles,
In the cement rough.
Walked up a few flights of stairs,
Looked down a few frightful glares.
Hurried across stinking streets,
Buried with lost dreams and defeats.
Craig Cohen — 5-4-13

Colorful Toenails

Photo by Craig

“A poem, a poem!”, the villagers cried …
Some bushy-tailed and some bloodshot-eyed …
There was one voice heard above all the rest
And this is my reply to her special request.
The beauty of her soul is magnetic;
She is positively attractive in every way!
So spiritually energetic, her essence transcends her pathway …
Her motion, magically poetic; she moves like amazing grace at play.
Nothing about her is synthetic, she’s as genuine as they come today.
Yet, there’s more; she’s like a bouquet …
Not really sure, it’s difficult to say;
It might’ve been her toenails that day!
Turquoise blue was just enough,
To shine like diamonds in the rough
Of a downtown Portland rainy day.
She’s always present, even with delay!
Also so pleasant, only kind words to say.
Her laugh, effervescent, throws her head back – way!!
Overall, florescent, she reflects light from the next day!
Yet, there’s more; she’s like a bouquet!
I’m kinda sure, it’s safe to say…
It was probably her toenails that day!
Turquoise blue was more than enough,
To shine like diamonds in the rough
Of a downtown Portland rainy causeway…
With invisible sails, she flies through her day
Sweet and carefree, just like Beaujolais.
Or like a dessert; well, more like the whole tray!
However described, it’s never cliché …
‘Cause there’s more; she’s like a bouquet …
Completely sure, it’s her colorful way!
So, it must’ve been her toenails, I say!
Turquoise blue, more than bright enough,
Shining just like little diamonds in the rough
Of the downtown Portland everyday …
Craig Cohen — 4-4-19


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Blueprint of Life.
Floating through skies
Without any strife. 
They’re ever so clever.
Fluttering by
As light as a feather.
Our world and the weather.
Life altogether. 
Craig Cohen — 10-18-20

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