Tell Them Something Good

Here’s the MINDFUL HELPDESK Message for today!

Have you ever worked very hard at something, only to ask yourself, “Why?” And, with no good answer or reason why, or with nobody to encourage you – you gave up. If this describes you in any way, with anything you didn’t complete, then it is now your responsibility to offer encouragement to someone you see working hard at something. It’s now your duty to be the motivation for someone else, who may be considering NOT to finish. Tell them how well they’re doing. Tell them how positive they’ll feel when they look back at their efforts, from the view point of accomplishment. Tell them that they’re a great parent. A good teacher, a fine student, a great friend, tell them. Whatever it may be, TELL THEM!! Tell them something good. Tell them how impressed you are. Tell them. Tell them how inspiring they are. Tell them! Make it your new habit so that it’s engrained enough so you can also remind yourself when you need it and again, nobody else is there for you. TELL THEM. Never give up!!

Photo by Craig

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